Correctional facility is unprepared for inmate requiring a wheelchair

December 2021

Carl* is an inmate in a correctional centre. He has disabilities which make him reliant on a wheelchair.

Carl was transported in a vehicle organised by the correctional centre which was not suitable for a wheelchair. He was also unable to use various facilities in the correctional centre which were only accessible by stairs. These included the centre’s phones, the audio-visual link for court appearances, education and training opportunities and the exercise yard.

Carl felt unsafe using the shower and toilet facilities as these were not modified for inmates with disabilities. He felt had been treated less favourably than the other inmates who were not wheelchair users. 

Carl made a complaint of disability discrimination with ADNSW.

At conciliation, the correctional facility representatives did not admit to discriminating against Carl. They did however agree to provide Carl with a letter of regret, liaise with him about ways to assist inmates with disabilities and ensure that disability training was undertaken by a greater number of senior staff. Carl accepted this which resolved the complaint.

*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.

Last updated:

23 Feb 2022

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