Workplace Adjustments Series

Collage of 10 faces of the participants of the workplace adjustment series

About the series

Anti-Discrimination NSW has developed a series of videos, podcasts and case studies on workplace adjustments.

The series features people with disability and managers working in the NSW public sector telling personal stories and highlighting the importance of workplace adjustments.

The project aims to increase awareness and contribute to existing initiatives aimed at improving access and delivery of workplace adjustments in the NSW public sector.

Case studies

After taking some time off work, Anika wasn't consulted on her return-to-work plan.
When Asim started a new role, there was no simple way to transfer his workplace adjustments.
Craig has been waiting two years for new office furniture to help alleviate his pain when sitting.
Ida applied for some workplace adjustments, but her application never progressed.
Kate requested an adjustment for her disability but it was treated like an injury recovery case.
Kim found it difficult to get her workplace adjustment because different teams don't work together.
Liam's experience shows it’s important not to make assumptions about what people can and can’t do.
Liz, Simone and Tang all agree that lack of understanding and people’s assumptions are big issues.
Matt's personal experience shows more education around inclusion in the workplace is needed.
As a manager, Melanie understands the challenges of balancing individual needs and team needs.
Peta's experience shows how to remove barriers through inclusive design and workplace adjustments.
Samira has an invisible disability which means her workplace adjustments are sometimes overlooked.


Episode 1: The importance of workplace adjustments

Episode 2: Workplace adjustments for people with invisible disabilities


Episode 1: A conversation with Mandi Barnao about workplace adjustments

In this episode, we talk to Mandi Barnao from Transport for NSW about living with an invisible disability and the workplace adjustments she has in place for herself and her team members.

Episode 2: A conversation with Andrew Radnedge about workplace adjustments

In this episode, we talk to Andrew Radnedge from the Department of Communities and Justice about how he implements workplace adjustments as a manager.

Information alert

For more workplace adjustment information, NSW Government managers and employees can visit the Public Service Commission website or contact their Diversity & Inclusion, Work, Health & Safety or HR teams. You may also wish to reach out to your Disability Employee Network (DEN).

If you have trouble accessing workplace adjustments or experience disability discrimination at work, please contact Anti-Discrimination NSW on 1800 670 812.

Last updated:

01 Dec 2023

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