Current certifications

Certification is an approval granted by the NSW Attorney General under section 126A of the Act, certifying special needs programs, activities or facilities that promote access for certain groups of people affected by unlawful discrimination.

You can apply for a certification for programs, activities or facilities that promote access for groups of people that have one of the characteristics protected by the Act.

Below is a list of the current certifications.

Department or organisation Special needs program or activity Period of certification
​357 Sydney City Steam
​Gay sauna venue for men.
​25.10.2018 to indefinitely
Aboriginal Women’s Legal Resource Centre Aboriginal women’s legal service. 07.07.1997 to indefinitely
Adult and Community Education - Byron Bay Inc and Jutta Kasper Music course for women only.
06.07.1999 to indefinitely
​Arc@UNSW Ltd
​To provide sports and exercise programs and opportunities for women only.
​14.05.2019 to indefintely​
Armidale Women’s Housing Group Inc Accommodation service for women and their dependant children.
22.06.1999 to indefinitely
Bankstown Women’s Refuge and Resources Centre Ltd Refuge for women.
22.06.1998 to indefinitely
Bathurst Women’s Housing Programme Inc. Supported accommodation service for women and their accompanying children.
14.08.1998 to indefinitely
​​Belle Fitness  ​To provide fitness services for females only. ​08.08.2014 to indefinitely
​​Bodyfit Gym ​To operate a gymnasium and fitness centre for men only in the Chester Hill area.
​15.03.2017 to indefinitely
Bodyline Spa & Sauna Pty Ltd Gay venue for men.
12.05.1998 to indefinitely
Campbelltown Legal Centre Macarthur Domestic Violence Court Assistance Scheme.
04.09.1995 to indefinitely
Caringbah Women’s Health Information Centre Health services for women only.
16.03.2000 to indefinitely
Carrie's Place Domestic Violence and Homelessness Services Incorporated  To provide a crisis accommodation program and associated services for women and children only.  05.03.2021 to indefinitely 
Chill (SYD) Pty Ltd To offer and advertise driver training programs for Light Rigid, Medium Rigid and Heavy Rigid vehicle licences for women only. 28.10.2021 to 27.10.2026
(5 years)
CHOICES Housing program for young single women.
22.12.1998 to indefinitely
Contrary Mary Wimmin’s Refuge Inc. Crisis accommodation for women and children experiencing domestic violence.
10.5.2001 to indefinitely
Corrective Services Gender specific classification system for female inmates.
January 1997 to indefinitely
Council for Ageing Older Men: New Ideas Project.
July 1998 to indefinitely
Curves NSW ACT Co-op Ltd To advertise and operate women only fitness and weight management facilities and programs. Exemption applies to all listed members. 12.10.2012 to indefinitely
The Deli Women and Children's Centre Inc To provide therapeutic services for women and to employ only female staff to provide therapeutic and children's services.
20.02.2020 to indefinitely
​Department of Education and Training ​Work opportunities for women; career education for women. 14.12.1998 to indefinitely
​Department of Local Government ​McIver’s Baths Coogee (women’s only baths, children to 13 years).
​March 1995 to indefinitely
​Department for Women ​Rest Assured - a guide to assist rural women in finding secure and inexpensive accommodation in Sydney.​​ ​24.02.1995 to indefinitely
​Department for Women ​Women’s Grants Program.
​13.12.1994 to indefinitely
Disability Council of NSW To advertise and designate positions on the Council for people who have particular types of disabilities.
04.10.2003 to indefinitely
Dubbo Emergency Accommodation Project Inc Women’s refuge.
04.01.2000 to indefinitely
Dubbo Women’s Housing Programme Inc. Housing program for homeless women and their dependent children.
02.12.2000 to indefinitely
Edie's Place Limited Special needs program which employs an only female workforce and provides services and facilities exclusively to women and children. 11.09.2023 to 10.09.2033
(10 years) 
Elsie Refuge for Women and Children Inc. Refuge and halfway house for women and dependent children.
23.08.2000 to indefinitely
Fitness First (ABN 71 575 858 379) To set aside designated women only areas within its unisex fitness centres, to between 15 and 20 in total. 14.07.2011
Remains in force until the certification is withdrawn
​Fthree Pty Ltd T/A the F3 Project
​To provide a development program for women only to encourage and support careers in the financial services industry.
​24.01.2018 to indefinitely
​Hard Core Gym (ACN 099 553 401) ​To advertise and operate men only fitness and weight management facilities and programs. ​09.03.2015 to indefinitely
Hawkesbury Community Legal Centre Hawkesbury Domestic Violence Court Assistance Scheme.
04.09.1995 to indefinitely
Hunter Community Legal Centre Hunter Domestic Violence Court Assistance Scheme.
05.02.1996 to indefinitely
Infrastructure NSW To run the NSW Government Women in Construction program. 28.02.2023  to indefinitely
Jenny’s Place Inc Refuge for women and their children only.
15.02.1999 to indefinitely
Katakudu Women’s Housing Inc Refuge for women.
25.05.1998 to indefinitely
​Law Society of NSW To provide pro bono legal services to eligible Indigenous members of the NSW Chamber of Commerce.​ ​01.08.2014 to indefinitely
Legal Aid Commission Domestic Violence Court Assistance Program.
March 1997 to indefinitely
Legal Aid NSW  To enable it to amend its policies to provide that Aboriginal women are eligible for legal aid in certain Local Court criminal matters when an applicant in the same circumstances who is not an Aboriginal woman would not be eligible.  08.06.2021 to 07.06.2031
(10 years) 
Lesbian Space Community Legal Centre Women-only venue program.
03.10.1996 to indefinitely
​Liberty Domestic & Family Violence Specialist Services
​To provide a crisis accommodation program and associated services for women and children only.
​24.02.2020 to indefinitely
Linda Matlab   To provide and advertise massage therapy services for women only.  30.04.2021 to 29.04.2031
(10 years) 
Lower Hunter Women’s Housing Association Inc Housing program for women only and their accompanying children.
03.03.1999 to indefinitely
Macquarie Legal Centre Inc Parramatta Domestic Violence Court Assistance Scheme.
June 1995 to indefinitely
Maritime Industry Union Local Govt. Clerks Association​ and Aust Social Welfare Union (NSW Branch) Creation of 2 women’s positions Vice President (women) and Women’s Officer (Social and Community Services).
17.01.1995 to indefinitely
Marmalade Foundation Limited Lou's Place (respite services).
14.11.2014 to 13.11.2024
Moree Women’s Refuge Ngala House.
25.05.1998 to indefinitely
​Mr Elkin ​Women-only fitness centre ​29.04.1996 to indefinitely
​Ms Holder & Ms McFayden ​Women only bath house ​18.01.1996 to indefinitely
​Ms Judy Laws ​Female gentle exercise class.
​February 1997 to indefinitely
​Ms O’Hare ​Toongabbie Leisure Centre.
​24.04.1996 to indefinitely
Mullimbimby Women’s Information and Support Network Mullimbimby Domestic Violence Support Service 13.05.1996 to indefinitely
Mullimbimby Neighbourhood Centre Mullimbimby Women’s Festival.
28.01.1997 to indefinitely
Murrane Women’s Housing Inc Refuge for women and their children only.
15.02.1999 to indefinitely
Newcastle Family Support Service Mothers only and fathers only support groups.
09.03.1998 to indefinitely
North Coast Festival of Women Committee North Coast Festival of Women.
06.03.1998 to indefinitely
Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre Rural Women’s Outreach Program.
13.05.1996 to indefinitely
NSW Department of State and Regional Development To run its Women in Business Programs.
08.08.2002 to indefinitely
​NSW Department of Family and Community Services
To provide Domestic Violence Line services to women only.
​​11.07.2016 to indefinitely
Office of the Status of Women National Women’s Leadership Project run by the Australian Council of Business Women.
22.06.1998 to indefinitely
​Patricia Hoyle and Assoc​iation
Women at work discussion and support group
January 1997 to indefinitely​
Pop In To run a domestic violence drop-in and case management service for women and children only.  24.07.2021 to 23.07.2031
(10 years)
Premier’s Department Spokeswoman program.
04.10.1995 to indefinitely
Redfern Legal Centre Women’s Domestic Violence Court Assistance Scheme.
Dec 1995 to indefinitely
RPA Sexual Health Service (Sydney South West Area Health Service) To run Aboriginal men's clinic and Aboriginal women's clinic.
21 May 2008 indefinitely
Share (SMR) Learn for Life & Canterbury Aquatic Centre Gentle exercise class for women only.
04.11.1996 to indefinitely
​Shebah Pty Ltd 
​To operate a ridesharing service in New South Wales for women, using only female drivers.
Remains in force until the certification is withdrawn
Shoalhaven Neighbourhood Centre Men’s support group project.
16.08.1996 to indefinitely
Sirens Women-only nightclub and restaurant.
18.12.1996 to indefinitely
Sisters Housing Enterprises Incorporated To run a supported accommodation service as a special needs program for women and their dependent children.
01.04.2003 to indefinitely
South West Sydney Legal Centre Liverpool Domestic Violence Court Assistance Scheme.
25.09.1995 to indefinitely
Southern Cross Uni Xerox Shop Lismore Scholarship for women only.
15.02.1999 to indefinitely
State Bank NSW Women’s development training program.
May 1995 to indefinitely
Stealth Health & Fitness  To run women-only fitness classes and personal training.  05.03.2021 to 04.03.2026
(5 years)
Stepping Out Housing Program Accommodation program.
01.10.1998 to indefinitely
​Strata Community Association NSW

​Mentorship program for strata professionals aspiring to a board position for females only.

​28.11.2019 to indefinitely
​Supported Accommodation and Homelessness Services Shoalhaven Illawarra ​The provision of crisis and transition accommodation to women and their dependent in the Shoalhaven District.
​Indefinite period
TAFE To run Certificate II in Career Education and Employment for Women and Statement of Attainment - Work Opportunities for Women.
14.12.98 to indefinitely
TAFE NSW to advertise and deliver the courses in the Access Employment Education and Training Qualifications package for women only.
10.01.2007 to indefinitely
​The Women in Business Program is certified as a special needs program or activity under the Act to enable it to provide free online business education and support services for women only.
​28.01.2020 to indefinitely
​The Man Centre
​To provide psychology, counselling and allied health services for men only.
05.07.2018 to indefinitely​
Total Image Fitness Women’s only fitness centre.
15.02.1999 to indefinitely
Toukley Women’s Refuge Inc SAAP for women.
17.07.1998 to indefinitely
Tweed Shire Women’s Service Inc. Health centre for women only.
28.01.2001 to indefinitely
Uber To provide and promote a feature allowing female drivers to elect a preference to receive requests from female riders 19.08.2022 to indefinitely
​Victress Connection
​Membership and professional development course for women only.
​28.11.2019 to indefinitely
WILMA women’s health centre Women only medical centre.
09.03.1998 to indefinitely
Wimlah Refuge Refuge for women.
25.05.1998 to indefinitely ​
Wollongong West Street Centre  To enable it to provide trauma counselling services for women and children only and to advertise for, and employ, women only for all staff positions, for a period of 10 years.  08.06.2021 to 07.06.2031
(10 years)
Women in Community Legal Housing Ltd Housing program for women over 45 years.
10.12.1998 to indefinitely
Women for Election Australia Ltd (WFEA) To provide it's EQUIP Program, Masterclasses, Regional Roadshows and scholarship tickets for these, to women only. 22.11.2022 to indefinitely
Women’s Health NSW (ABN 51392 627 790) Covers member associations. See attached list 25.05.1998 to indefinitely
Women’s Housing Company Ltd Accommodation services for single women.
23.09.1999 to indefinitely
Women’s Legal Resources Ltd Women’s Legal Resources Centre.
04.08.1995 to indefinitely
Women’s Support Network Local Women’s Day Festival.
28.04.1999 to indefinitely
​​Yawarra Meamei Women's Group ​Women's refuge.
​16.03.2012 to indefinitely
Young Peoples Refuge Inc Refuge for young women aged 13-17 years.
12.05.1998 to indefinitely
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